Zillions Medic Pharmacy

Access to high quality branded European & generic medicines, through professional dispensing and adherence to NDA regulatory guidelines.

To be a leading provider and supplier of quality branded and generic pharmaceutical and medical products in the region.





We embrace the following four

Quality of Service

Top quality service delivery to our customers is our priority, while upholding integrity and high ethical standards.

Quality of Products

Assured product quality and affordability coupled with innovative technologies to increase the wellbeing of the nation.


Strategic partnerships with other health providers to conveniently deliver all-inclusive health solutions to our customers.


Continuous development targeting communities in order to assist alleviate some of the basic medical ailments in the region and create a better, healthier lifestyle for all.

Call To Action

High cholesterol can lead to a variety of health concerns, but with the right strategy you can lower that risk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do not double your dose, except in the case of oral contraceptives. You can ... If your insurance does not cover your medication or the cost is too high.

Medication may lose their effectiveness if you don't store them correctly. The medicine cabinet in the bathroom is not a good place to keep medications.

Select a cool, dry area for storage of your medicines and always make sure they are stored safely away from young children.

We are an important part of your health. If we do not deliver to your door, you may pick them up right from our pharmacy.